OFRS PTA Calendar

Hello OFRS families! The calendar of OFRS PTA events is available here on the OFRS PTA website. Please be advised that dates are subject to change, however unlikely; sometimes that nuisance called snow pops up, other times school-wide testing changes its dates. As well, some events are listed as “to be determined” (TBD); we’ll update those events as soon as dates are secured! And finally, some events aren’t listed at all yet! Fear not, grade-specific assemblies (think PENGUINS!) are coming, we’re just securing dates and will update the calendar. We’re looking forward to an EVENTful year with you!

Join the OFRS PTA!

Greetings OFRS families!

If you would like to join the OFRS PTA for the 2017-2018 school year but do not wish to do so via online and PayPal, kindly print this form out and return it with payment – attention “PTA Membership” – to OFRS.

Thank you for your support!

Membership Form 2017-2018