SPRING Walk-a-thon

FRIDAY, May 28
The Spring Walk-a-thon is THIS FRIDAY during recess!! Information and sponsor forms were sent home in backpacks last week, but included here for your easy reference.    Important to note: Since we still are not able to have any parent volunteers at the school for these activities, we aren’t able to track the number of laps done by each student individually and needed to simplify the process. Therefore, all students will all do a standard 10 laps. This has been the typical individual lap count in the past, though some students had exceeded that goal. Each student that walks will receive a paper of the 10 lap goal completion.

Historically, the Walk-a-thon has been one of the best fundraisers for OFRS PTA, yet the fall virtual Walk-a-thon raised less than 50% of our normal goal, and had a very low participation rate from the students, but we know that this has not been a normal year. Now that most kids are back in school, we hope to bring back a little bit of that ‘normal’ and students will be participating with their classes this Friday.   All money raised will be going towards the outdoor tents that the OFRS PTA has purchased, that are already being used for outdoor classroom space – amongst many other expenses that the PTA was asked to fund throughout the school year. Please help support this last fundraiser of the school year, in order to make this one a HUGE success!

Room Representative Sign-Up

In preparation for the fall, we are currently looking for enthusiastic volunteers to be Room Representatives for the 2021-2022 school year.  This is a great opportunity for you to be a big part of your child’s school life.  If you have never done it before, we highly recommend it.  

There is more information on the Google Form.  Click here to fill out the form.
Please submit the form ASAP (by June 11, 2021), as requests are first come first serve.  If you have any questions, please just reach out to Renee Puglisi at scheduling@oldfarmerspta.org.

SMILE-GRAM Fundraiser

May 31, 2021 is NATIONAL SMILE Day.  Running with this theme, we will be holding a SMILE-GRAM Fundraiser.  Click HERE to fill out order forms.  More information is on the form itself, and prompt payment is appreciated.  Each SMILE-GRAM is $1.  We have extended the deadline for this. ALL forms MUST be completed by 5/28/21; all SMILE-GRAMS will be delivered on 6/7/21.  Don’t forget kids can also give to teachers and staff; anyone at school. You can also send your child one too! Please note every student will receive at least 1 SMILE-GRAM from the PTA, so everyone is included!