OFRS PTA Appreciation Station

This year, OFRS PTA is setting up an “Appreciation Station” to boost the spirits of  all OFRS Faculty who have been working so hard to provide all of our students with a positive learning experience during this unusual school year. Each month, one grade level will be asked to donate the items to restock the station with treats and luxuries to show our wonderful faculty how much we appreciate their extra work. Thank you to the entire staff at OFRS! And, thank you to our families for your generous donations.

  • “The PTA is unbelievably kind, thoughtful, and generous. I’ve said it several times, they are the best PTA in the USA.”
  • “You all never cease to amaze me! Your kindness, generosity and support are overwhelming (in the very best way) and appreciated more than you know.”
  • “WOW! What an impressive display and expression of gratitude.”
  • “Our PTA and families are the best. Blue ribbons to all of you! Most importantly, thank you for your continuous support!”
  • “Thank you so much for such amazing, creative ideas. Made our day! Thank you so much for thinking of us and supporting us!”
  • “How thoughtful of you to be so supportive. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful PTA. We appreciate all your efforts and generosity on our behalf!”
5th Grade cart donations
4th grade with some personalized items for the OFRS Staff.
4th grade cart
3rd grade showing their Love
3rd Grade cart
2nd Grade Cart
1st Grade cart
Kindergarten families generously stocked cart.
Homemade cart sign
Personalized OFRS mask lanyards in school spirit colors and Bowser paw print.
Pep talk jar for teachers to grab a “pick me up” note.
How sweet is this? Socially distanced hugs.
Handwritten notes from students and families for Pep talk jar.
Pamper yourself, awesome OFRS staff!